Member Benefits

Welcome to the Usherworld Fan Club membership benefits page. Formed in August 2004, the Usherworld Fan Club is designed to foster greater interaction between Usher and their fans.

Membership Package
Members will receive the latest membership package offered for the calendar year. Members joining after October 2004 will receive the 2005 member kit. These kits will be delivered when they are completed during the course of your membership year.
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Usherworld Fanclub Website
Members will have immediate access to the members-only Web site upon joining. This site includes interactive features such as; news updates and press releases, bio, Q&A Interviews, trivia, photo gallery, tour and ticketing information, online contests, free email sign up, message boards, chat room, sound and video clips and downloads. An Usherworld Fan Club Store, where members will have opportunities to purchase merchandise at a discounted rate and have access to purchase limited edition merchandise, exclusive memorabilia and more...
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Contests & Ticket Giveaways
Periodical contests into which Fan Club members are automatically entered, offering prizes and special opportunities that members value such as merchandise, autographs, fly away trips to see Usher live in concert, concert tickets, and special event access: sound checks, studio visits, meet and greets, sit-ins at interviews, sit-ins at video shoots and more...
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Special Advance Access to Tickets
Members will have opportunities to purchase tickets to shows in advance of the public ticket release.
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Ticket Statement
When touring, Usher will be selling an allotment of each North American show's tickets directly to their Fan Club members, instead of through a standard ticket distributor. Members of the Usher Fanclub will be offered these direct sale tickets in advance of the general public. Tickets purchased through Usherworld Fan Club are limited to 4 tickets per member, per show. Upon joining, members are eligible to request tickets during a Usher Ticket Ordering Period. Please note that at this time, Usherworld Fan Club can only ship tickets to addresses within the U.S. and Canada. Members living in countries outside the U.S. and Canada are eligible to participate in the Ticketing Order Period but must provide a shipping address within the U.S. and Canada.

Seats in indoor venues that are reserved by Usherworld Fan Club for its members are spread over various sections around the arena. As more and more members order tickets, there is a strong probability that some members will be allocated seats to the sides or the rear of the stage, as well as in upper tier or upper bowl sections. Seat locations are determined by automatic computer lottery, and refunds and exchanges are not permitted.

Ticket brokers may not join Usherworld Fan Club, and if a member is found selling tickets for profit, his/her membership will be voided without return of the membership fee. As part of our efforts to keep brokers out, we will specify guidelines for ticket purchasing on the web site, and we will email members ahead of time as to any changes to these policies.

Your chances of being able to purchase a ticket will be increased by being a member in Usherworld Fan Club, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive tickets, because ticket requests may exceed availability.

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Ticketing FAQ's
What are my chances of getting seats through Usherworld Fan Club Ticketing?
While we can't absolutely guarantee that you will get tickets for all of your requests, in most cases all requests made with a valid credit card will be filled. As our member base continues to grow, the likelihood of being declined will increase.

How do I know if my order went through?
You can check your ticket status directly within the fan club web site (dates and times will be posted). Log onto the web site and visit the Usher Ticketing section where you can access your ticket request information by clicking on "check ticket status".

Will I get better seats through Usherworld Fan Club Ticketing than through other ticket outlets?
We have reserved what we consider good seats for Usherworld Fan Club members. While not everyone will be placed in the first few rows from the stage, we have made every attempt to reserve seats with a decent view. Due to day of show floor and equipment changes, we cannot guarantee that all seats will have an unobstructed view. With regards to ticketing, the main goal is to get all Usherworld Fan Club members in the door.

How are seats assigned?
Seats are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. We assign the best available seats to each order as it is placed.

How many tickets can I request?
Four tickets per member, per show.

What are the different seat types, and if I choose "best available", will I get best available?
Depending on the venue, we offer different types of seats at different price levels. Generally the seats are named according to sections of the venue, for example pavilion or lawn. For the best chance at getting a seat, choose "best available" from the seating selection.

If I order 2 tickets for a single concert will the seats be together?

What if I have a friend who is also a member and we both order tickets, can we sit together?
Sorry, we can't place multiple groups together, but in most cases, you will be seated next to other Usherworld Fan Club members.

How do I know where my seats are?
Members will not have access to seating grids on the Usherworld Fan Club. Please consult the venue website.

When is my card charged?
Immediately. Your card will be charged as soon as you submit your order.

How do I cancel or change my order?
All ticket sales are final. No cancellations or returns or exchanges.

What if I don't want my seats?
You may give your seats away or sell them at face value unless your tickets have been left at Will Call.

When can I expect my tickets to be delivered?
We typically ship tickets approximately 2 weeks prior to the show date. If you have not received your tickets one week prior to the show date, please contact our Customer Service department at We send all tickets via 2-day express delivery. On the day your tickets ship out, you will receive email from us with your tracking number and specific delivery date.

Can my tickets be sent through the regular mailing service?
Currently, the only delivery service we offer is a 2-day Air. This method provides reliable tracking capabilities and helps us maintain full accountability for the delivery of your tickets.

What if nobody is there to receive the package?
Due to the value of the packages we send out and to ensure successful delivery to you, please make sure you give us an address where you will be during daytime hours. Many of our customer’s have their tickets shipped to their business address for this reason. If three attempts are made without success, the tickets will be returned to us. We can resend them to you for an additional ship fee of $8.00. If we need to overnight the tickets in order for you to have them by the time of the show, that fee increases to $10.00.

How can I track my package?
When your package is shipped, we will send you an e-mail with the tracking number. You can click on that number and it will take you to the carrier’s website for tracking.

What if I need to change my shipping address?
We are able to change your shipping address as long as your tickets have not already been shipped. Please email to request an address change. If you need to change your address once the tickets have been shipped there will be an additional $10 charge.

Where should I send my tickets?
We recommend sending your tickets to your place of business if you work during the day. Please remember that they cannot deliver to P.O. boxes. Our carrier guarantees delivery to a business by 4:30 P.M. and to a residence by 7:00 P.M, so please keep this information in mind when choosing your shipping address.

Why do we ship 2 Day Air?
Due to the value of these tickets, and the critical nature of prompt delivery, we use a service that allows both the customer and the company to track the package until it is in your hands. When your tickets are shipped, you will be emailed your tracking number and specific delivery date.

Will Usherworld Fan Club Ticketing replace lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets?
Sorry, but lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced. If your tickets are mutilated or destroyed we can only replace them if you can provide proof (such as the remains of the tickets). Any claims for replacement tickets must be made prior to the show date. If Usherworld Fan Club staff judge your claim to be valid, arrangements will be made for you to receive replacements at the venue Box Office on the show date only. General admission or lawn tickets will not be replaced under any circumstances.

Can I get special needs tickets through Usherworld Fan Club Ticketing?
Yes, when available, we offer a limited number of special needs seats for each show. We request that you submit a doctor's letter, on his/her letterhead, stating that the special seating is warranted. It is not our intention to inconvenience those with a genuine need for these seats, but to rather help insure that we can fill all legitimate requests. Please fax your letter to customer service at 434-984-6798. In cases when Special needs seating is not available, we ask that you contact the Venue with your request.

When will I receive my tickets?
They generally ship 2 weeks before the show.

Can I get a refund for my tickets?
We do not offer refunds for tickets.

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